Finding Your Dream Property

The Problem

House hunting can be incredibly frustrating.  It’s always very time consuming, especially when you’re striving to find your dream property, possibly from London or further afield, by ‘remote control’, whilst you juggle the heavy demands of children, schools, the pressures of your working life and your social calendar.  

The Next Problem 

To compound the challenge, in recent years, an increasingly high percentage of the best properties sold, never came to the open market.  They weren’t advertised and you wouldn’t have seen them on the internet.  They were sold off-market, privately and under the radar, because their owners wanted confidentiality, privacy and didn’t want their property viewed by ‘buyers’ unable to proceed with a purchase.  In such cases, as a former selling agent, I know that the first call will be to a Search or Buying Agent. This is where I can help. 


The Solution

Working closely with Jeannie Pritchard, we take the hassle out of the process by doing your house-hunting for you.  Once briefed on your requirements and utilising my 40 years’ experience, we’ll trawl the market and engage with the selling agents (many of whom I know well).  Drawing on my experience, knowledge and huge network of contacts, I can sometimes ‘unlock’ doors, which other buyers don’t hear about.  I’ll liaise with you throughout the process, advise on value and negotiate the purchase for you.  Once terms have been agreed, we’ll recommend pro-active property solicitors, experienced building surveyors and specialist insurance brokers.  During the conveyancing period, we’ll liaise with you, your solicitor and the Vendor’s representatives, in order to monitor progress.  At the same time, we can also introduce you to architects, building contractors and, if you’re wanting to raise capital for significant alterations, to brokers who specialise in arranging mortgage finance for high net worth individuals.

Trusted Advice From An Expert

And once contracts have been exchanged and a completion date agreed, I’ll be on hand to provide any property related advice going forward. 


I’m effectively a one-stop search agent and property consultant, with all bases covered - someone with experience, contacts and local knowledge.


If you’d like to know more, I’d be delighted to hear from you.  Please call me on 07592 107524.